WTG2019 - 参加資格


Who can enter

Entry is open to all recipients of allografts and heamopoetic cell transplants from other individuals or species which require or have required the use of immunosuppressive drug therapies

Competitors must have been transplanted for at least 1 year, with stable graft function, be medically fit and have trained for the events in which they have entered.

If a potential competitor has been transplanted for at least 6 months, with stable graft function, has been training and has the permission from their own doctor, their entry may be considered by the WTGF medical committee and be allowed.

All competitors must be medically approved by their physician to compete.

Age – participation is from 4 years to 80+ years.
年齢 - 参加は4歳から80歳以上。

Donor Families and Living donors are invited to take part in a select array of sporting events to help recognise their contribution. 
ドナーの家族と生体ドナーは、寄付の認識を手助けするよう一連のスポーツイベントに招待されています。これらには、ロードレース、水泳 50m自由形、陸上競技 100m、ボール投げ、走り幅跳びがあります。

Transplant eligibility

Organ transplant – individual’s must have received a life-supporting organ from someone else and received immunosuppressant post-transplant.
臓器移植 – 個人は、他人から生命維持臓器を受け、移植後に免疫抑制剤を受けていなければなりません。

Bone Marrow recipients – individuals who have received a bone marrow or stem cell transplant from a donor and are on, or, have been on immunosuppressants post-transplant.
骨髄のレシピエント - ドナーから骨髄または幹細胞移植を受けた人、または、移植後に免疫抑制剤を受けている人。

Competitors or supporters should not attend any WTG event if they have an acute infectious illness or are suffering from a chronic infective process.

Living donors and donor families– there are numerous events during the Games which are open to living donors and donor families, including relay races with transplant recipient teams.
生体ドナーとドナー家族 - 大会中には、移植レシピエントのチームとのリレー試合を含む、生体ドナーとドナー家族が参加できる数多くのイベントがあります。

Supporters – the events schedule includes many events open to registered supporters including the Donor Run which takes place on Sunday 18 August 2019.
サポーター - イベントスケジュールには、2019年8月18日(日)に行われるドナーランを含む、登録したサポーターが参加できる多くのイベントが含まれます。